Logo creates the first impression of your business and gives you a unique identity. Your logo should add value to your business on all levels – corporate design, corporate communication and corporate behaviour.

A professionally designed logo will make you look more professional and help you compete in your market. It will assist you in developing and establishing a brand and identity that you can use throughout your internal and external communications.

We help design logos that are clear, consistent and encapsulate all that your company or brand stands for by carefully considering your brief and making the best use of colour, typography and graphics.

Logos need to work in various sizes, in various media, in mono and colour. We will demonstrate how a logo design will appear in a wide variety of uses. In some instances this may include a positive and negative version (for reversing out of a colour). A strong brand will include guidelines, these guidelines should be very clear and easy to implement.

We can supply a set of master logo design files with guidelines that will ensure consistency across a wide range of media. Supplied on CD or alternatively we can upload them to a web site for suppliers to download.