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Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.

Penetron Hellas​

Penetron Hellas is the most pioneering and innovative company in the market for specialized sealants. Structured and structured in accordance with company standards ICS / PENETRON INTERNATIONAL invited to offer permanent solutions for sealing concrete and mortars with a range of innovative materials used either in the construction phase of a project or after its completion.

Technima Plastics Industry was established in 1989, having as a main business activity the import and export of plastic materials dealing with Gas and Water Networks, as well as the construction of fish-farm cages made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

The basis on which K. LIAROMATIS S.A. has been established and the source of its reputation is the reliability, high quality, flexibility and unsurpassed technology used in the sectors of design and construction of steel buildings, steel structures for energy projects, steel bridges, overhead cranes and special steel structures.

Hallmark of the company is delightful pies, the traditional flavors, the pie, the delicious peinirli and delectable pizza, which have raised Konitsa-pies on top, of course without lag and other traditional dishes.

Hallmark of the company is delightful pies, the traditional flavors, the pie, the delicious peinirli and delectable pizza, which have raised Konitsa-pies on top, of course without lag and other traditional dishes.

The Golden.gr has been active in the field of jewelry since 1999.

Starting from a small neighborhood jewelry production workshop and gaining the appropriate know-how, from design to the final finish, our company initially turned to wholesale.

Over time and listening to the demands of the times, our company has invested in retail and since 2013 in online sales in order to present our creations to the general public, at the most competitive market prices.

Located in Patras, Greece, we provide translation and mediation services, both in Greece and abroad. With extensive experience in the translation sector we serve clients in all languages throughout Europe and we provide high level certified official translations quickly, reliably and at affordable rates.

Our translations are recognized and accepted by Greek authorities, without the need for further certification from the Greek Consulates, as well as by all foreign authorities. It is also possible to send documents electronically. In the field of Mediation we undertake civil, commercial, family, banking, workplace, etc. mediations with responsibility and excellent organization.

The Α.Σ. Ifitos of Patras was founded in 2011 in Patras. The name of the association is inspired by Ifitos Ilios, who reorganized the ancient Olympic Games (776 BC) at the suggestion of the oracle of Delphi and established the Olympic truce for the first time. The management of the association consists mainly of members of the family of Theodoros Reglis.

His vison is It is the cultivation of noble rivalry and the sporting ideal through the organization, promotion and development of an integrated approach in all age groups. Our ambition is to create a training center setting new foundations for a local school…., What counts is the constant struggle for realization.

Yiannis Karitsiotis was born in Corinth, Greece. He studied Fashion Textile Design at Bradford Art College in England.

After his studies, he designed for Yiannis Tseklenis (Greece), the European Divisions of Asics and NIKE, GAP Star (USA) and J.C. Penney (USA).

He launched his own designer labels “Yiannis Karitsiotis Limited Versions” in 1991 and “Kathimerina” (easy wear) in 1997.

Catalog of dental editions

You will find here five collections of women’s leather sandals: Boho | Luxury | Pirate | Museum | Animal Prints all inspired by my love of art, history, Greek mythology, wild animals, Mediterranean beaches and sunsets and, of course, my love of fine materials, textures and colors.

Anything from minimalist design sandals to fun, colorful edgy sandals that stimulate the visual senses. Regardless of style, all sandals are made with love, care and meticulous attention to detail.

Secrets to ENJOY GREECE is a Free Press tourism magazine.
In pages we have interesting presentations, information and suggestions for each part of Greece. we provide small tips and “Secrets “to enjoy Greece to help visitors to experience Greece as locals.

At ENJOY NEWS, in addition to the news and what happens around us, we want to have informative and enjoyable topics that will cover our daily lives. Articles, interviews and reports on Man, Culture, Health. All the activities of our life.

Studio Boneli started its creative journey in 2009 in Kallidromiou and Em. Benaki 114. One of the most beautiful corners of Exarcheia, an area closely associated with art and free expression.

The beginning was made by Emilia Boneli, graphic artist with a long career in the field of advertising, cinema and design.

The first presentation of works took place at the Pro-Art gallery in Exarchia. The main inspiration was the color, the reflections of light and the irregular shapes of the gemstones.

The series presented were named CITY, LADY, SPORT, TENDER, GIVING and ACCESSORIES.

The company was founded in 1970, based in Athens, by Nikolaos Economou and was initially active in the field of jewelery design and manufacture, especially in diamond-shaped monocots of 18 carats. T

oday it has two modern natural shops in the area of Crete that operates during the summer months and in the area of Glyfada that operates all year round.

The company is active in the field of wholesale of hydraulic items, hardware, paints, agricultural machinery and equipment.

At the same time, it provides its customers with comprehensive services by experienced specialized personnel for the supervision and application of its items, as well as with the After Sales Service, which provides product guarantee, continuous information for new items, and technology development, offering the best and most complete solutions for each case.

The object of its work is the marketing (wholesale and retail) of building materials, car and building paints, shipping and special applications.